"How to take advantage of... and abuse..."

The First Officially-Trained

Student Of Gary Halbert's

One-On-One Copywriting School!


Dear Friend,

When I decided to become Gary Halbert's "First Officially-Trained Student", I forked over my $27,000... and... was quite optimistic about starting this new adventure.

I had done all my research and I knew I had come up with the right decision. Ten days later though, I wanted someone to shake me and wake me up and tell me...


It Was Only A Nightmare!


But it was all so real. Too real to be comfortable, in fact. But I thought... from the time things started seeming confused and out of sorts (like from day one)... I would just "suck it up and tough it out." I didn't come here to be made comfortable anyway. I came here to learn and develop some new and useful skills. And, I came with a "blank slate", just as I was told. So, what did I know?

I really did think I would get some consideration and respect though. Especially since I called him "Mr. Halbert" when I arrived for my first day of school. Much to my surprise, I quickly realized how rude and obnoxious he could be. He hardly even remembered my name the first ten days.

Well, let me tell you what I had to put up with in this new adventure of mine:
On day one, he barely spent an hour with me! That's right... he shuffled me off to go with his assistant, Carlos. At least we had some important things on our agenda. Things like go to the bank so we could deposit my tuition fee; and go to the Post Office so we could buy some stamps to mail some of his letters.

Perhaps I should be more thankful. After such an exhausting morning from such an intense
start in the world of copywriting, Carlos and I went to get some lunch. I thought that was really a nice gesture. Gary was even paying for it. But then I remembered my check had already been deposited. I started to wonder if I was about to be dropped in the swamp so the alligators could have me for lunch. It would be pretty easy for Gary and Carlos to get rid of me now. After all, they had all my hard-earned money. But...

I Wouldn't Be So Lucky!

No. The day wasn't over yet.

So Gary sent me and Carlos out shopping. What a nice surprise, I thought. Until I found out we were shopping for a hotel. It took four different stops. By the time we were finished and we went to get my truck back at Gary's apartment complex, I found out school was over the day.  After all, it was now 3 o'clock in the afternoon... and... Gary needed his "beauty rest".

For the next four or five days, I was told to stuff, address and stamp envelopes. And, of course, I also had to count them. Oh yeah... and don't forget about getting them to the Post Office and actually mailing them while I'm at it. Don't you think Gary could have hired someone to do all that "grunt work"? You know, I came here to learn about copywriting. Not to learn how to stamp, stuff and mail envelopes! Besides, I had my own mail to stuff, address, stamp and get delivered.

Well, at least those things didn't take up my whole day every day. Nope, Gary was nice enough to pile some of his newsletters on me. Why? So I could read and study them.

Then, he had me rewrite about 20 winning ads. Ads that had already been written by the pros.  Again, why? To build new neural connections between my hand and my brain.

I had to do the same thing with headlines and bullets. Tons and tons of them.

It didn't stop there. Gary also made me read a copywriting course his friend wrote. And Gary told me to read the SRDS Book. "Learn it, love it, live it," he told me. I needed a wheel barrow to carry all that work back to my hotel. You can't imagine how much cramming that was. Not to mention the writer's cramp.

Can you picture the mental anguish I was going through? He was torturing me! I thought hazing was outlawed a long time ago. Besides, I could have done all this preparatory work before I arrived. And, that copywriting course he forced me to devour... well... I could have purchased that for a mere fraction of the cost I had invested to come to Miami. And, I could have saved myself time off from work and from being away from home as well. But...

I Wanted

So, I bit my tongue... many times. I felt like I was a bloody mess. Since I wanted to be a copywriter, I took consolation in the fact I would have to do all this sometime anyway. I might as well do it now. But, I had paid $27,000... to do this?! When would I get to see something actually come out of all this hard work I was putting in? I came here to learn how to write copy... not... copy copy!

One day I thought I was going to explode so I finally got up the nerve and asked Gary what he was up to and why he was "torturing" me. After all, I had done my own ads before. I had even enrolled in a copywriting course on my own before I ever even learned of Gary's "Copywriting School". My time in his copywriting school was about half-way gone. At this
point, I blurted out...


"Gary, When Are You Going
To Start Tending To
My Student Needs?!"

Actually, the "conversation" started something like this... "Gary, I'm sick and tired of hearing the same old stories and being treated like I just fell off the turnip truck. Why do I have to be put on the back burner so much? I paid a lot of money to come down here, in case you forgot. And, I expected you to teach me a thing or two, you know?"

Maybe that sounds like the client from hell... but... I was getting a bit tired of being "Mr. Nice Guy". I had a right to know what was going on. I needed some kind of gauge so I could tell how far I had come in the last ten days. That's when he hit me with my first test. Gary made me...

Answer The Question...
All By Myself!

And, this is all I could come up with. Well, almost. I'm probably leaving out some important information but, you'll have to excuse me. Things haven't let up one little bit. My brain is still fried. But, here's some of the things I verbally recited to Gary that I've learned:

  • All that reading and writing and stuffing and addressing and stamping and
    mailing does have a lesson!

Gary does that stuff himself. As much of it as he can fit into his schedule throughout the year. That way, even he doesn't forget what brings in the money.

Speaking of money, a lot of money is lost when you rely on someone else to do any of that "grunt work" for you.

  • I also learned how to teach my clients the value of "Operation Moneysuck"
    before I even write a single word for them!

(Note: This makes a simple phone call to me... quite possibly... the most profitable phone call you will ever make!)

  • I learned a man, even though he may be a pediatrician... will never know
    what it is like to have a baby!

Neither the joy nor the pain. And a mere mortal (such as I used to be) will never know what it is like to be a copywriter... unless... he actually becomes one by immersing himself in the business of copywriting.

  • I was shocked at what I learned when he made me write two letters to my

I had to write them in my own handwriting and was ready to send each of them to her. That lesson taught me how my words really do carry a lot of meaning. (One letter was kind and gentle. The other letter was mean and hurtful.) Compelling
words always outsell weaker ones... no matter what the medium may be. Either by direct mail or the Internet or newspaper ads. You name it. When you write... put your heart and soul into it. It costs just the same for the space, either way.

  • What does running a marathon have to do with copywriting?

It's really very simple. Just like running a marathon, it's as simple as putting one foot in front of the other one. And... keep on doing it! One right after the other. For just a little over 26 miles. And, by golly, you've done it! It really is that simple.

That Doesn't Mean It's Easy!

  • Then there was the "scuba diving" lesson!

You know, the one about how some things are really crucial to your survival. The most important one is that you have to keep breathing. The whole time. Non-stop.  When you go under, remember to never stop breathing.

You see, your lungs are a certain size and can only hold a certain amount of oxygen. When they're full, they're full. And, each time you empty them, you have to fill them back up. As you dive further below the surface, the water pressure is such that your lungs become constricted. When that happens, your lungs now hold different amounts of air than when you were closer to the surface.

So, when you start to ascend back towards the surface, if you don't keep on breathing, bad things can happen. Like... your lungs can burst... air can get into your bloodstream... you can become paralyzed... and...

You May Even Die!

That is, if you don't follow that one crucial rule (to keep breathing).

It's the same thing with copywriting. There are a few crucial things which cannot be glossed over if you want to start and then keep a healthy copywriting business. (Your business may be similar.)

(By the way, Gary has ways of teaching all these things to ensure I will remember the majority of what he taught... instead of... forgetting the majority of it!)

And by the time I told Gary this last point...

I Had Gotten Pretty Loud!

People around us started looking at me like I was crazy. I had to stop and catch my breath.  So, it was a good time to pause and reflect on what I had just recited. Then... I realized...

I Had Been Learning...
The WHOLE Time!

Gary started to smile. I started to smile. He made me realize, he sure does have a way of working things out!

Previously, there was a time while we were talking and some kid came along and started fishing. Right there in front of us. On the rocks. I remember thinking at that time, I actually hoped (for a brief moment) Gary would catch a fish hook in his eye. But, after reading those lessons I learned, you can now see how much my mood has swung to the opposite side of the

Gary then started to make deal with me. He said...

"David, Any Copy YOU Write
For The Next 30-Days, Will
Pass Through Me!"

Oh yeah? Wow! Imagine that! I was elated. Gary was gonna make sure I would give more than just an "adequate job" for my clients.

Before I got too happy though, he said there was one little catch. I guess you can call it another lesson learned. He said when I start copywriting for all my new clients, I have to charge a ridiculously low price. "Dirt-cheap", he said. I immediately thought how pitiful that sounds.

But then he told me how important it is to keep on moving. Continuously. Build momentum and build a reputation. And never stop.

This way, I can let clients know when they hire me (in the next 30-days) not only do they get rock-bottom prices... they also get "The Master Of Copywriting" himself (Gary Halbert) critiquing my work... before I ever complete and finalize the project.

When I thought about how many customers that would bring once I start to spread the word... I felt like the cat who ate the cannery!

I know one thing for sure: I'll be using what I've learned from Gary for the rest of my life. For myself. For a lot of new clients. And, quite possibly, for you. If you want me to use my new and improved skills for your business, all you need to do is just give me a call at (901) 233- 3724. Let's talk. I can tell you one thing for sure...

You'll Never Be Able
To Hire Me At These
Incredibly Low Prices
Ever Again!

Call me.

                                                                                                            David Allard

P.S. If you want to hire a good copywriter at an insanely low price... just call me at (901) 233-3724. You'll be able to take advantage of... and abuse... The First Officially-Trained Gary Halbert Copywriting Student. You better hurry though... before I learn how to avoid all this constant abuse!

P.S.#2 You don't have to be 100% ready to hire me to give me a call. You just have to have at least "some interest" in my services. To tell you the truth, I'm actually hungry to talk with at least a few people who are... at least... "half-way normal". Once again my number is... (901) 233-3724.